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The Oakland Nursery company is an 80-year-old business with a long history of bringing life to people’s homes. To help their business grow in the e-commerce space, we created a visual identity and web space for a new branch of their company: Green Interiors.
We were tasked with creating a visual identity for the new interior greenery department of the distinguished Oakland Nursery company. Driven to catch up with the growing online market for plants for the home, Oakland needed to quickly establish their considerable knowledge and caliber for a new audience. To accomplish this we wove together a clean, contemporary style, with a humanizing, personal warmth.

The result has revitalized this 80-year-old company with an identity that is both distinctive and fitting of their history.
Project Name
Oakland Green Interiors Brand Identity
Project Year
Brand Identity
Type Design
Web Design
More than just products.
From the website style to the photographic direction, it was important to differentiate Oakland from the many e-commerce brands that treat plants like props. We eschewed overly-stylized, excessively clean aesthetics in favor of a more tangible look, harkening to Oakland’s local roots.
We loved working with Serif Creative. Their team took the time to really understand what our updated brand and design goals were, while also maintaining an authentic voice that is a big part of our company. Thanks to their creative inputs, new website, and refreshed branding, we now present a fresh, exciting image.
Director of Oakland Green Interiors
Laying Down Roots
For a shop that relies on a frequently updated catalogue of fresh flora, it was important that we establish a system of photography that Oakland could use going forward that was simple and repeatable without sacrificing the look of their brand.
Organic Search
With products so unique and appealing as Oakland’s plants, the default e-commerce experience would not suffice. The site needed to feel as vibrant and lively as the greenhouse itself, with each page bursting with creative type and exciting photography.
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