The homecoming story of a hydrogen car
The Hyperion team reached out to Serif to tell the story of their homecoming to Columbus; a story of voyage and return. This historic event had to be captured in a way to showcase its magnitude. Hyperion moving its HQ back to Columbus from California is a huge win for our city and community.
Project Name
Hyperion Event Coverage and Photography
Project Year
Video Production
Commercial Photography
Event Coverage
Post Production

The magnitude of this event had to be captured across an entire day

Futuristic and Industrial
In contrast to the high-tech hydrogen car, we took a raw approach, shooting run and gun, handheld with lapel mics. We tracked down the city’s news footage and wove it into our narrative. While on our tech and location scout, we decided to pick up and produce some high-end commercial photography of their fuel cell technology and car.
Cool and Collected
The photographer, Matt Reese, used cool blues and symmetrical composition to emphasize the futuristic nature and beautiful design of Hyperion’s hydrogen fuel cell car.
Director: D.C. Joseph
Editor: Nick Mammome
Lead photographer: Matt Reese
Director of Photography: Matt Reese
Cam Op & Drone: Nick Mammome
Audio Tech: Sam Thompson
Production Assistant: Sam Gerardi
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