September 13, 2021

Steph Snyder Joins Serif Team

Serif Creative
“Joining the Serif team has allowed me the opportunity to dive into new industries and grow my creative, project management, and producer background. We have such talented people on our team, which inspires me to grow and challenge myself every day.” -Steph Snyder

Serif Creative is proud to welcome Steph Snyder to the team as Producer & Project Manager!

To kick off her career, Steph got her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism at North Central College in Naperville, IL. She continued on at North Central College to receive her Business Master’s degree in Professional Leadership Studies—graduating in 2017.

“My favorite part about project management and producing in the creative industry is being able to work with the creative team and our clients, seeing the project go from a spark of an idea to a living breathing website, social media campaign, or a full-blown production on a set. There’s a lot that goes into getting a project across the finish line—I enjoy the process and I am always excited to cross the finish line with my team!” -Steph Snyder

Steph has managed and produced many projects in the creative space ranging from travel campaigns, economic development initiatives, and so much more. She’s also had the opportunity to shoot photo and video work for her previous clients. Since starting at Serif, Steph’s branched out into the distillery community, health, and medical industry, product photography, and the list keeps growing.

She’s a creative at heart with a business mind. It all goes back to her high school yearbook class where she stumbled on a storage closet full of camera equipment, which is what made her the self-taught professional photographer and creative she is today.

Some things you may not know about her: She grew up in the suburbs outside of Chicago and has just made the big move to Columbus. Before landing in the city, Steph experienced living in downtown Chicago as well as Des Moines, Iowa. She is a novice gardener and wine enthusiast. Steph also loves traveling with her partner and their Shiba Inu, Lady. When she’s not working, she likes to mix things up on the weekends with a good adventure, from low-key stuff like picnics, hiking, bar hopping, gardening, to bigger trips (she’s lookin’ at you, Hawaii). Steph also must start her morning with a cup of coffee and a yoga sesh. Fun Fact: When she was in college, she almost opened up a coffee shop with her friend, until they realized how much that would cost!

Steph has been working with Serif since June 2021 and has brought a bright light to the team ever since. We are thrilled to have her on the team as she continues to be our client’s best friend!

“I’m thrilled to have Steph on the team. She’s a fantastic fit to oversee and own our new studio model of Show-Tell-Feel. Our clients have already loved working with her. Welcome aboard, Steph!“ -Doug Joseph, Founder

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