June 2, 2022

EagleView Partners With Serif to Tell Story of Life-Saving Tech

Serif Creative
EagleView is a leading provider in geospatial data, providing software services to government, solar, construction, insurance, and utility industries. In the government sector, their tech is saving lives.

EagleView’s mission is to improve people’s lives. They tagged in our Serif Creative team to help them bring their vision to life through a docu-style film approach (our bread and butter).

Our team traveled with EagleView to Mercer County, West Virginia, where one of their clients resides.

Mercer County’s 9-1-1 dispatch center utilizes EagleView’s aerial imagery on a daily basis to support the safety of their community. It’s been a huge asset on a small scale, as well as a life-saving scale. The dispatch center refers to the aerial imagery to help them with situations like search and rescues when people get into accidents on the trail systems nearby.

Our team was eager to tell the story of EagleView. They are doing important work and ultimately saving lives. The story film we are producing has a raw, documentary, cinematic feel. The EagleView story film will help the sales team land key government contract accounts and further help communities around the nation. – Doug Joseph, Project Director & Founder of Serif

Mercer County strongly believes in the EagleView technology, which made it a seamless process for our production team to build out the story narrative focused on public safety. We had the privilege of interviewing several individuals that use the EagleView software consistently, including their dispatch team, Sheriff’s office, emergency management and more.

The goal of the film is to help people understand the technology and the benefits through a deeper connection with the people who’ve found it key to their public safety protocols.  

We wanted to showcase the value of our product from a more emotionally compelling angle. Having seen Serif’s work on similar videos, we felt they were the firm to help us effectively convey that emotional benefit. – Tim Horak, Director of Government Marketing

We’re grateful for the opportunity to bring EagleView’s story to life, and show the benefits of a product focused on the safety of a community.

The EagleView film is being released in June 2022.

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